Look Out, There’s a Cat!

We’ve reached about the ten week mark with our newest family member and we are making great progress.

First of all, I’m getting trained. With just Jango and me, I usually know where he is, he’s a big cat. But with little Chance, he tends to be underfoot. A lot. I’ve managed to step on his paw a few times, his tail, as well. He shrieks! I shriek!

Now I’m getting to the point where I stop and look. In particular when I go in the kitchen. He is nowhere to be seen but as soon as I go anywhere near the cupboard where their bowls are kept or gawd help me, their food cupboard, he seems to just be right there like the Roadrunner in the cartoon.

I’ve become so programmed now that if i step on anything, say, a cat toy or a wine cork, which are the same thing in our house, (I only buy the wine for the prizes inside, theirs, mine) (Whoops! did that go under the fridge? I’ll get another bottle, *pop* making corks for kitties!) I still shriek!

The food issue is getting much better. Chance is still very excited in the morning when it’s to be can-opening time. Jango still waits just outside the kitchen area for Chance to eat first. I initially thought he was just being kind, which I still believe, but i now think it has to do with him being the Alpha and letting the weaker, needier one go first. I love it. Plus, Chance used to inhale the entire bowl in one go, hardly breathing but now he has a few bites and is able to just walk away, let Jango have his turn and then graze throughout the rest of the morning.

Another nice aspect of having the young cat is mango is enjoying a fellow cat and cat play. He is eleven now so does get a bit frustrated but seems to enjoy the frolic and mostly the grooming he gets from Chance. The ear-washing I do believe to be a favourite. It’s given us both a taste of youth.

They stick together now, too. When Jango comes to get his love on, Chance is right there. I like to have my time alone with Jango, I miss it, to be honest and so I try to keep Chance at bay for a while. I put my hand up one day to keep him from climbing on Jango and he bumped me, then fell over. Let’s be honest, it’s not very hard to knock over a tiny, three-legged cat. He is getting better with it and a better understanding, he will slowly inch his way up until I just give up. When I stop him, he does that thing that all cats do; stop, look the other way, lick a paw or shoulder to let us know they aren’t bothered.

They also seem to know when to leave me alone, like after the cork sound and the tuna bribe and Ray Charles or Van Morrison is on and that smell between incenses and mosquito coil, what with the dancing. Sometime they trick me into opening the front door so they can sniff and snoop around.

It just gets better all the time.









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