Happy Homecoming!


Can it really be a year ago? Yes. A year ago today, my friend drove all the way across the island to deliver this sweet little tuxedo three-legged beauty. He still seems so new, although Jango has been with me almost 12 years and I still marvel that I get to have such an amazing furry friend.

Chance has come along way in the past year. I remember his first day here and he was up on my lap. I gave him a little scratch on the sweet spot at the base of his tail, the ‘tramp stamp’ stop and he completely freaked out! Now he lets me do it and loves it.

He tries to scratch himself with the missing leg, so when I notice him do it, I go give him the full, two-hander kitty scratching. He seems to come and do it in front of me now, knowing I will take over. Sometimes I do such a thorough job his little ‘lipstick’ comes out and he needs a moment to gather himself.

He loves his roommates, Jango and me. When I leave, he cries and when I come back he circles my ankles and follows me about for half an hour. When I peak out of the shower, his little black and white paws are sitting there, waiting. He loves to groom Jango, and Jango loves getting it. He washes his face, neck, ears, sometimes several times a day. Jango will even get up and approach Chance for a facial.



He’s very trusting and quite the little daredevil. He was trying very hard to get up on the top of the patio ledge the other day because he spotted a gecko strolling by the awning above. Didn’t half freak me out. I had to finally bring him in and close the door until Mr. Gecko decided he’d teased him long enough.

As to the missing leg, I don’t notice it, in that, I don’t see it as a missing appendage so much as a part of who he is. It’s more like a scar or a birthmark or maybe a tattoo. It’s only sometimes I see the missing leg and it still breaks my heart, but only for a moment, and not as a disability, because he doesn’t seem to notice anything wrong at all.

He’s such a little lovey-dovey. He sleeps at the end of my bed and sometime right beside my head on the next pillow. Jango will do that, as well, but mostly Jango just comes up for his loving, he likes to sleep in front of the open patio door or under the window so he gets the breeze and can keep an eye on Chance and me.

I can pick him up and cuddle him close without him attacking my face. He is very vocal and meows very loudly and is very bossy and sassy and thinks he’s in charge. That’s most unusual for cats. We still have a song and dance in the morning over breakfast, but I guess that’s just habit. He likes it and loves to get his face right in the bowl as the food in is coming in. Like re-enacting his starving, neglected youth, but now with a happy ending.

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